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Welcome to the  Handpiece Rescue website.  We have been providing mobile handpiece repair for the San Francisco area since 2004.  We are currently offering two unique services.  For local offices, we offer a unique on-site service where we come to your office to repair your handpiece.  This service extends all the way south of S.F., as far down the peninsula as Millbrae, CA.    This means you don't have to deal with mailing out your handpiece and the shortest downtime available for a repair.    Our van is fully equipped to service your handpiece at your location in usually less than an hour. 

Picture of handpiecesIf your office is outside this area, we are offering  two services.  First is the standard repair as we receive service.  Typical repairs run about $80 and the handpiece is usually returned in the mail the same day we receive them.    Secondly, we are offering a very unique wholesale repair program. For a small monthly fee, we will repair your handpieces as they break at wholesale cost.  The cost is only $50 a month to join.  All I ask in return is at least a 1 year commitment.   Please feel free to call if you have any questions or click on the membership link above if you want to join today.